Word Frequency Counting Tool for Screenplays

This free tool analyzes all the words in your Final Draft® script and generates a report listing the most commonly used words and how often they appear in your screenplay.

When used judiciously, it can be very helpful in improving your script by showing you where the vocabulary of the story could be varied.

PS. This screenplay tool works with Final Draft® files (FDX). It doesn't work with PDFs or word docs or whatnot.

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Do I see your screenplay?

The answer is no. I never see your screenplay.

To get slightly technical here, all the screenplay processing for this tool is done client side. In other words, the processing for the word counting and analysis is done on your computer. Your Final Draft® script is never sent to me or my server.

So rest assured, your romantic vampire cop buddy thriller is still unread and unsaved by me. You can freely use this tool without worrying about your screenplay being surreptitiously released by this website.

Does this tool change the text of my screenplay?

It doesn't alter the screenplay at all. This tool just retrieves the text of your screenplay and counts all the words to create a word frequency report.

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