About ScreenRighter and Scott Hot, the fella wut created it.

I was working on a TV script when I noticed that the word "look" was used a few more times than it should've been. The repeated words weren't close together, they were pages apart, so it was hard to detect his kind of word "echo".

I usually make short films or illustrated books but since I also have some programming experience, I decided to make a tool to help me detect my word patterns in screenplays in an easy and automatic way.

A long week of work later and I had a functioning version of the tool you see now.

This script tool gathers all the action, dialogue and parenthetical elements from a Final Draft® screenplay and figures out the frequency counts for all the words from these elements in your script.

Use this tool with common sense, sometimes a much-repeated word has artistic reasons for existing such as a particular character's speech patterns or whatnot.

But on the other hand, breaking out the thesaurus and varying your word usage can often yield better results and provide a more captivating reading experience.

Either way I hope you find that this tool helps you improve your screenplays.

Good luck, Scott

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